Hello and welcome to my voice acting portfolio page!

My contact email is simplyundrea@gmail.com & my rates start at $200 per hour. I’m currrently non-union.

Here you’ll find my past and current work, videos/screenshots and a brief description of each project.


Commander Ray

Last Line of Retreat

In LLOR I play the no-nonsense Commander leading a motley crew of fighters.

Voicing Ray allowed me to be firm despite the games lighthearted trailer. This was my first ever VO job.

Last Line of Retreat’ is a mobile game created by Jump Button Studios.


Jessica Williams

Ad Victoriam

In this two part Machinima series for ‘Fallout 4’ I play Jessica, a more serious contrast to the above trailer.

She’s a brave, hard working solider who fights alongside her partner but eventually meets a tragic end.

These videos were created by DeadCoOfficial.

kelsey small.jpg



Tether is an independant, first-person narrative horror game that was displayed at MAGFest 2018. (My scene partner here is Tamara Ryan.)

I play the role of Kelsey, a crew member who succumbs to the strange events that occur during her journey into outer space.

Unfortunately this project helmed by Freesphere Entertainment was canceled but I had a great time portraying this character.


Jessica Dederick



This is a mystery/adventure game set inside a Noir inspired universe.

I play Police Chief Jessica Dederick.

The person playing the game will be the role of Detective who is attempting to solve a string of murders.

Silhouette is currently still in development and is being made by Apeirogon Games.

Jamie & The UFO

Tilted Tales

Tilted Tales is a Machinima series revolving around Fortnite.

I play AK’s sister Jamie. I also voice The UFO, a lighthearted (and fun) character who steps in to help Jamie and her band of friends.

Here I’m able to play two roles that show my range to be both fun and serious.

Tilted Tales is produced by Plothead Productions.


Jr. Physicist

Lifeless Moon

Lifeless Moon is the spiritual successor to ‘Lifeless Planet,’ an indie exploration puzzle-platformer.

The role is brand new for me, it was just confirmed this month in September 2018!

Lifeless Planet and Lifeless Moon are a product of Stage 2 Studios.