Twitch Tuesday - Weekend of August 18th, 2017


Twitch Tuesday for this week covers the Final Fantasy XII cast and our OW comp stream.

Guess what? We're starting off a new addition to TT ... Guest Highlights! Every now and then I'll choose a funny Twitch Clip or highlight to feature here from one of my fellow streamers.

This week's guest spot features a hilarious Fornite gem from Chasing Lux!

I thought I was getting away from the Demon Wall. Welp! | WATCH THE FULL CAST

My party & I had intense matches with this team! | WATCH THE FULL CAST

Guest Highlight

The yell gets me EVERY single time. iasidmaisdmaid | MORE FROM CHASINGLUX


These highlights are longer than usual but I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for watching! xo