Twitch Tuesday Returns!


Back in 2015, I started a little something called 'Twitch Tuesdays.' TT was where I pushed highlights from my weekend casts straight to Twitter in the form of YouTube videos.

It was a great idea but the execution and my voice as a streamer was a little lacking then. Honestly? I had no idea what I was doing at the time, I had only been streaming for a little while. I just knew that I had a good idea and I wanted to push the hashtag.

Now that I've found my rhythm as a caster, I wanted to bring the tag back and give it a special place on my website instead of my posts being lost to the depths of Twitter.

So without further ado?

Here are some highlights from my last couple of weekend streams to make up for lost time!

Weekend of July 7th, 2017


Taken from my Edith Finch streaming event on July 7th. | WATCH THE FULL PLAYTHROUGH


Taken from my 'Spooky Sunday' streaming event July 9th. | WATCH THE FULL PLAYTHROUGH

Weekend of July 14th, 2017


Every week from now on, expect a more consistent roll out.

I will be highlighting the best moments from cast ... right here!

I'm super happy about reviving this content creation idea I had early on.


Thanks for watching! xo