Twitch Tuesday - Weekend of August 25th, 2017


This week's clips are taken from Final Fantasy XII, Overwatch and the special cast of INSIDE for Spooky Sunday. But before we fully jump into the highlights I have to discuss this game in a spoiler free way!

INSIDE Mini-Review


'Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project.'

All images/screenshots seen here provided by PlayDead.

The lighting? Incredible. I enjoyed the level design and use of color/contrast within each area. The story had a great twist and I was consistently engaged. INSIDE is dark and it doesn't shy away from that fact, both in the game's atmosphere and during interactions with enemies.

Some levels had a gritty feel which led to almost a palpable sense of relief upon reaching scenes with sunlight. Even though you could see the warm golden light outside, it still didn't bring a sense of comfort. The whole entire game? I felt uneasy.

Plus the music was great! It literally melded directly into the game at certain points and the subtle soundtrack complimented the environment without being overpowering or distracting from the overall experience.

Special thanks to PlayDead! I appreciate you gifting me the copy of the game for both review and streaming purposes. (Like I said several times on cast, platformers aren't my strength when it comes to gaming so I was stretching my comfort zones here.)

From a person who steers more towards story driven titles and shooters, I thoroughly enjoyed every thrilling moment of INSIDE and I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves side scrollers & puzzles with a hint of mystery.

INSIDE is available now on Steam/PC, Playstation and Xbox.

This game definitely kept me guessing and our chat was stunned at the ending.

Thanks for reading, let's get to the clips!

Today we explore The Wood & the viera before Vaan asks Fran age! | WATCH THE FULL CAST


In this OW highlight, I face off against an enemy Rein and escape safely!

These stream moments are only a slice of the whole VOD! | WATCH THE FULL CAST

Bonus Cast

How adorable is this cutie pie?! I can't. | WATCH THE FULL CAST

I realize this weeks Twitch Tuesday is jam-packed with content but I wanted to make sure to give ya'll something to sink your teeth into while I'm away at PAX.

I won't be streaming this Friday - Sunday but I'll be back the following week for more casts. Keep posted to my Twitter and Instagram for live updates during my first visit to Seattle for the convention!

Thanks for watching and reading! xo


Twitch Tuesday - Weekend of August 18th, 2017


Twitch Tuesday for this week covers the Final Fantasy XII cast and our OW comp stream.

Guess what? We're starting off a new addition to TT ... Guest Highlights! Every now and then I'll choose a funny Twitch Clip or highlight to feature here from one of my fellow streamers.

This week's guest spot features a hilarious Fornite gem from Chasing Lux!

I thought I was getting away from the Demon Wall. Welp! | WATCH THE FULL CAST

My party & I had intense matches with this team! | WATCH THE FULL CAST

Guest Highlight

The yell gets me EVERY single time. iasidmaisdmaid | MORE FROM CHASINGLUX


These highlights are longer than usual but I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for watching! xo


Twitch Tuesday - Weekend of August 4th, 2017


We're sticking to last weeks schedule with FFXII, Overwatch and we finish off our Until Dawn run!

This weekend's casts had some really funny moments.

No one has time for Vaan ...


I love this cast! All tea, all shade. | THE COMPLETE FFXII PLAYLIST

I thought ...

Tactical Pinup renamed Ashley & I couldn't stop laughing! | WATCH THE FULL PLAYTHROUGH


If a song hits me? I will sing!


The chat wasn't readdddddddy! (Plus Dr. Hill wasn't pleased ...)


Twitch Tuesday - Weekend of July 28th, 2017


Over the weekend we played some more Final Fantasy XII, Overwatch (of course) and Until Dawn.

This weeks Twitch Tuesday features some gameplay gems!

Taken from my 'Final Fantasy Friday' cast on July 28th. | THE COMPLETE FFXII PLAYLIST

Check out my surprise at being able to teleport, lol!


Environment kills FTW!


This highlight features SQUAD member Merc-SS! Congratulations on making Twitch Tuesday!

The Until Dawn stream was so fun we have two highlights from that #SpookySunday cast!


Sub Squad, check the pinned post in the sub-only Discord for the links to your highlights!

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