I don't do this alone by any means and I don't want to pretend as if I do. I've been blessed to have a group of people who not only believe in me but also in the open and inclusive community that we're steadily building. Listed below are the great individuals who I'm proud to say make up my team.


Emote Designer


8Bit is solely responsible for creating the awesome emotes for the channel that we use in conjunction with BTTV.

Cover Art Designer


Brave Graphics is the lead designer behind all of the art for my cover songs, singles and albums. He created the 'Simply Undrea' watermark for my YouTube channel and the same logo appears on certain releases. Brave makes sure that my musical presence is solid across all of my platforms.


Studio Liasion


Cristina is the main contact when it comes to dealing with certain companies. From time to time she also assists in organizing streaming events to coincide with title releases throughout the year. If Cristina ever approaches you, know that she's acting on my behalf!


Graphic Designer



ManaPetals manages my digital imprint on both Twitch & Twitter to make sure that my branding is consistent across my various social networks. She created my beautiful info panels and the offline screen for my Twitch page.

Media Manager

Marcus Cross

Marcus is the main Media Manager for my channel. He's in charge of helping me keep track of what Twitch content needs to be highlighted & pushed to YouTube after streaming events. He also helps save key moments via Twitch clips while I'm live on cast.

Merch Designer


RabbitKun is the mastermind behind all of the products in the Design by Humans store. (Our best selling 'SQUAD' hoodie is some of her amazing work!) Collaborating in tandem with ManaPetals, they both ensure that my branding is on point.



Video Editor


William uses what I record during my travels and transforms that raw footage into a visual product that resonates with my creative vision for both my vlogs and event recaps. He also takes the helm when it comes to curating the music that accompanies these videos.




This page will be edited and updated as needed. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, everyone. This is a group effort and I couldn't do this without all of your assistance! <3