Ad Victoriam (Fallout) | Parts I & II


Hello, everyone! I know I've been radio silent for a while every since my 'Last Line of Retreat' trailer blog post but I wanted to highlight a new role that I was given the opportunity to portray.

Below are both parts. (Warning: Adult language and themes.)


Dead Company Official granted me the chance to guest star as Jessica Williams for this story line. Playing Jessica - a strong solider who remains cool under immense pressure - was a challenge but one that I readily accepted.

It's always deeply fulfilling to be able to stretch myself, step outside my comfort zone and play a character who has a life that's nothing like my own.

I had a blast and thanks again to everyone over at DC for being so accommodating!

Thanks for watching! xo


Humble Bundle Partner!


This has been in the works since August of last year when I initially applied so I'm very excited to finally announce that I'm officially a Humble Bundle Partner!


Click the image above to pay what you want for this bundle! Offer ends on July 3rd, 2017.


There are quite a few ways to give back to the stream aside from spending time in chat, donating and RTing when I go live.

Now that I'm a Humble Bundle partner, you can support both my streaming efforts while giving to charity at the same time. How awesome is that?

I'm very grateful for this opportunity. I've always admired the work that Humble Bundle does so I'm super happy about this new development for the channel.

Thanks for reading! xo Partner!


This has been a long time in the works.

I'm happy to say that I'm now an official partner for! has special daily deals for certain PC games that change daily.

Want to see the deal for the day? Just click here to get great savings on a title!

So if you're looking for alternative way to support the stream, this is another way to do so.

Thanks for reading! xo