Ad Victoriam (Fallout) | Parts I & II


Hello, everyone! I know I've been radio silent for a while every since my 'Last Line of Retreat' trailer blog post but I wanted to highlight a new role that I was given the opportunity to portray.

Below are both parts. (Warning: Adult language and themes.)


Dead Company Official granted me the chance to guest star as Jessica Williams for this story line. Playing Jessica - a strong solider who remains cool under immense pressure - was a challenge but one that I readily accepted.

It's always deeply fulfilling to be able to stretch myself, step outside my comfort zone and play a character who has a life that's nothing like my own.

I had a blast and thanks again to everyone over at DC for being so accommodating!

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Thumbstick Mafia Podcast | Season 2 Episode 7


Episode #7 of my guest spot with ChasingLux and Sharky, the lovely hosts of Thumbstick Mafia is now live!

You thought we were done? Nope, there's more!


In this episode? We talk about how ya'll embellished your answers on a Twitter poll that Lux started.

We also discuss the #SupportSmallStreamer hashtag, ways to use hashtags and how we found each other as well as other folks on the Twitch platform.

As always ... if you like what you hear? Spread the word about #TMPOD!

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SF Salon | Women in Gaming


This past Monday - July 10th, 2016 - I got the chance to speak at Google for the first ever SF See Jane Salon about Women in Gaming.


Geena Davis making her opening remarks. (Photo taken by @ekilpatrick.)

The Geena Davis Institute is doing great work when it comes to their partnership with Google!

After a rousing speech by Geena Davis, we jumped right into the panel portion of the event. But I wasn't alone! I was joined by some amazing women in this industry whose work I admired long before I got to meet them in person.

It's rare that I get to be so open about my experiences as a woman of color on a very public platform like Twitch. It was very refreshing to be part of such an honest dialogue. Successes, triumphs and struggles ... we discussed it all! It was both humbling and inspiring.

The Women in Gaming panelists. (All photos taken by @dianamoon.)

Below is a video about I got involved in gaming & what led to me to actively pursue streaming:


My personal origin story. (Video filmed by @dianamoon.)

I have some folks that I need to acknowledge because no event can be made possible without the dedicated minds behind it!

First off I have to thank to Anita Sarkeesian for the invite. This was an extraordinary opportunity, thank you for considering me for this! Special thanks to Madeline Di Nonno, Elizabeth Kilpatrick and Jazmin Borad for all of your help.

I also have to show my appreciation to both Google and the Geena Davis Institute, thank you for your hospitality! To the fantastic women and fellow panelists who sat alongside me - Jane Ng, Aleissia Laidacker, Carolyn Petit and Lisa Chen - thank you for sharing your stories.

Lastly ... to my supportive friends, the generous members and the awesome souls who filled up the audience. Your presence meant so much! I got to meet a lot of new faces once everything wrapped so I wanted to extend my gratitude for being so warm and welcoming!


A lovely FB album from the event!. (Photos taken from the official GDIGM Facebook.)


The amazing Geena Davis and I! (Photo taken by me.)

The amazing Geena Davis and I! (Photo taken by me.)

Group Shot.JPG

This was an incredible experience and one that I won't forget any time soon.

If you want to support this Salon and others like it? Consider becoming a See Jane Member.

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Thumbstick Mafia Podcast | Season 2 Episode 6


The new episode of Thumbstick Mafia is now live!

I was honored to be a guest with the lovely ChasingLux and Sharky!


We touched on quite a bit surrounding this topic but our main focus was highlighting the importance of BOTH Team and Community Building.

I don't want to give away too much, you'll have to check it out for yourself! Click the link above to listen live or to download the complete episode.

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