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This isn’t your traditional ‘about’ page. Warning: this is lengthy.

I have an actors bio and a reel but I reserve that for business contacts only. I’m writing this because I want you to get a feel for me and the type of person that I am.

Not the actress Undrea or Undrea the advocate. I want you to get to know me, the woman.

My Vision

Even though I no longer stream, the vision that I had for the community and my channel has been the same every since going live for the first time a little over two years ago.

No matter who you are or your walk in life, I want our community to be an inclusive and open place for any and everyone. Regardless of what's happening, I want us to have a welcoming vibe. Come for the games, stay for the people.

Every since I decided to leave streaming to pursue my various goals full-time, my supporters - my Squad - has been there every single step of the way!

My Gaming Roots


I’ve been playing video games every since I was a child and I took to it very early on.

My journey with gaming all started with my Dad, honestly. He bought me my very first console - a Nintendo - along with a copy of Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt. It brought me great joy and solace to be able to wake up every morning and play.

Then he purchased a Game Boy for me and Tetris. That game, it’s addictive puzzles and the music quickly became an refuge for me. That handheld spiraled into weekend arcade trips with my Dad. At the arcade, I instantly fell for Street Fighter and it’s hard hitting combat. Chun Li was my favorite. Since my Dad and I religiously visited the same arcade, I’d always face up against a challenger who wanted to beat me. I rarely lost.

Time passed.

Middle school soon took precedent. I wanted to spread my social wings at my new school and I was always swamped in homework. But that didn’t stop me from squeezing in time after school to be with my brand new Sega Saturn! NiGHTS Into DREAMS, Virtua Fighter and Myst kept me happily busy.

Shortly after that, my eyes were opened to the amazing world of Playstation. I’ve been a SONY console girl every since! My parents gifted me a copy Final Fantasy 7 for my birthday and my life was changed. I fell in love with the cast and the music touched a special place in my heart. (To this day, it remains one of my top-ten video game OST’s.)

Then I was thrust into the demands of high school and - sadly - gaming took a gigantic backseat. Video games still had a piece of my heart but I rarely had extra time for it anymore. My Father’s enthusiasm for gaming never went anywhere and he often played. I was a captive audience.

Four years passed in a blur and suddenly I was in college full-time for Graphic Design. (I also was a personal assistant to one of my professors and I became went into child-care as well to make extra money while attending school.)

By this time I figured that I’d ‘outgrown’ gaming and that I should pursue something more concrete. But it was still calling my name. I would brush up on current titles by reading the news in print magazines like Game Informer but I didn’t pick up a controller for years.

That quickly changed when I found Twitch! Dad had passed and I no longer had the passion for life as I once did. I was spiraling. A friend of mine knew that I loved gaming and told me about the site. So I went just to see what the fuss was about. Gaming was what bonded my Dad and I so why not return to the one thing I was still passionate about?

I started streaming to process. To mourn. To deal with my anxiety/depression. And I met the most amazing group of people who believed not only in my efforts within the industry but they believed in me as well. I’m glad I took the leap to Twitch because it was the catalyst that got me to where I am today.

When I'm 'LIVE' and beyond

I know that if my Dad were still here he would be proud that I decided to follow my heart and do what I’m truly passionate about. Whenever I stream, I feel like it’s a way to honor our weekend tradition as well as his memory. <3

Streaming allowed me to gain a foothold in an industry that I’ve been dreaming about being apart of ever since I was a child. Gaming will always be in my heart and now that I’m here I get to pursue other things that I’m passionate about like voice acting, public speaking, diversity advocacy and charity work.

I’m so grateful to be part of this industry, surrounded by incredible, hardworking people that push me to improve!



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